2014 Portland Film Festival | Film Premieres, Music, Red Carpet Party, “Sex Ed,” Bronx Obama

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2014 Portland Film Festival2014 Portland Film Festival
August 26-September 1, 2014
More info: portlandfilmfestival.com

The 2014 Portland Film Festival returns this summer for a week packed full of networking events, panels, workshops, music, and film premieres and screenings throughout the city. A number of actors and filmmakers will be on location all week to interact with festival goers and screen their work.

The festival kicks off with an opening night red carpet party at Lola’s Room before the world premiere of Director Issac Feder’s comedy Sex Ed, starring Haley Joel Osment. Feder and Osment will be in attendance for the premiere, as well as co-stars Abby Elliott (SNL) and Chris Williams (Dodgeball). A local film, Glena, will also screen on opening night at the Mission Theater. Glena was directed by Allan Luebke. Both films will be followed by an afterparty at the Crystal Ballroom.

Day two of the festival is filled with networking events and screenings, including a panel of women in the film industry, multiple screenwriting classes, and the Portland premiere of the local film I Play with the Phrase Each Other, directed by Jay Alvarez.

Thursday features screenwriting workshops put on by Willamette Writers and a number of actor’s workshops and networking events. In the afternoon, comedian Doug Benson (Super High Me) will be recording his podcast Doug Loves Movies live from the Mission Theater. His newest film, The Best Movie Ever Rolled, makes its Portland debut the following evening, with Benson in attendance. Closing out Thursday evening is a networking event sponsored by OMPA, followed by the Portland premiere of House of Last Things, directed by Michael Bartlett.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday bring the festival outdoors with days filled with local food, drinks, and music, as well as free events and film screenings in Wallace Park (Friday and Saturday) and Waterfront Park (Sunday). Sunday will be the culmination of the festival, ending with a free outdoor screening of the film Bronx Obama, which follows the story of Louis Ortiz, an unemployed father from the Bronx turned Barack Obama impersonator. Mr. Ortiz will be in attendance for the screening, and the closing night party in the park which follows.

The final day of the festival closes out the week with special guest Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones), who will be screening Road to Paloma, an independent film directed by and starring himself.

For a more detailed schedule of events, and to purchase festival passes and tickets, please see www.portlandfilmfestival.com.