Award Winning Blend No. 5 @ Happyrock Coffee Roasting Co. | One Of The 10 Best Espresso Blends in Oregon

From our sponsors:
Happyrock Coffee Roasting Co.Happyrock Coffee Roasting Co. Blend No. 5
“One of the 10 best espresso blends in Oregon”
More info:

Happyrock Coffee Roasting Co.
465 Portland Ave, Gladstone, OR 97027

Shop hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-3pm
Friday-Saturday 7am-8pm
Sunday 8am-3pm

See their online store, where you can order Blend No. 5 at

Congratulations to Happyrock Coffee Roasting Co. of Gladstone Oregon! Happyrock’s “BLEND No.5” was named one of the 10 best espresso blends in Oregon in the Best Coffee In Oregon Championships 2013. This event was on August 24th at the Oregon State Fair.

Happyrock Coffee is a small batch artisan coffee roastery located in downtown Gladstone. We can be found at a grocery stores, restaurants, and the Saturday Oregon City Farmers Market.

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